Computer Games Timeline

Games have always been a popular pastime, whether of the basic paper and pencil variety, board games or the more advanced video games that can be played on a variety of consoles, personal computers or even on mobile phones. If you’ve ever become completely absorbed into the world of a game, so much so that it has effectively taken over your life perhaps a career in computer game design could be for you. Maybe you’ve always had an idea of what would make a great game for you and your fellow gamers. Or maybe you have a knack of spotting how to improve existing games be it via adding an extra section to take the game literally to a new level or by updating tired graphics to breath fresh life into a computer game; it doesn’t matter- all that matters is that you have a passion for new ideas.

How would you like to see these ideas realised in all their 3D glory? Well, you could enrol on a computer game design course and make your ideas a reality. The games design course is created to cover all aspects of design from the initial formulation of an idea right through to the transformation of the idea into a product that can be sold.

In the past, the nature of gaming tended to be quite insular but with advancements in technology it is becoming more of a social activity in that gamers can play against each other online and that more and more forums are being set up in order for fans to discuss their experiences and new ideas. These advancements only go to show the popularity of the gaming experience and the continued passion that fans hold for video games. Study a games design course today.

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